Bits of me

Born and raised in a far away land, I have embraced the uncertainty of bringing my family to Finland to start a new life. On these virtual pages, I share our family's experiences about living abroad, my own adventures and a bit of my hobby.

Heartbeat of home

Here, I write my experiences as a mom in a foreign country. Writing about motherhood allows me to reflect on the small miracles, the messiness, and the immeasurable love that fills the pages of my life as a mom.

During pandemic, probably like everybody else, we've learned a few nice hobbies. This is an exciting chapter, where my artistry for handmade decorations finds a home, and the story of my craft unfolds.

Our macrame products are ranging from wall hangings, plant hangers, wall shelves and macrame bags. All of them are handmade and homemade. Our works are mostly made up of Finnish upcycled yarns.

Engaging in handmade projects often requires focused attention, promoting mindfulness. The act of creating can serve as a meditative practice, offering a break from daily stressors and promoting relaxation.

It allows for the expression of individual creativity. It offers a platform to experiment with colors, shapes, and designs, enabling you to infuse your personality into each creation.

commission work