10 Things Why He Doesn’t Like You Even Though You’re Pretty

Hi girls! Do you ever wonder why this certain guy doesn’t like you even though you think you’re pretty? Yeah, we know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that everyone of us has its own definition of it. But isn’t it frustrating to feel unwanted by the one you really really like?

So I have asked some of my male friends out of curiosity and decided to list them down here. Ready?

1. You are not hygienic!
TBH, I didn’t expect this to be on the number 1 spot because with all the skincare and hygiene products nowadays, I can’t find any reason why there are still girls who don’t pay much attention to hygiene. Well, this should be, I think, very important to maintain as a growing female individual. Start this by taking a bath regularly. Always use a good shampoo because guys love fragrant hair, believe me.

2. You are too famous!
Well, some of the guys don’t like it if you are too well-known. Jolo, my friend, says he doesn’t like it when people, especially other guys think that his girl likes too much attention. Maybe they also don’t want to see foul words on your selfies on fb since we can’t really control other people’s way of thinking, unfortunately.

3. You are too independent!
At first, I also thought they like it when a girl is independent and can do things alone. Well, it’s still a plus but too much of it is not really a good thing for the guys you like. Sometimes they like to feel that you also need them to do things for you, that you want it more when you do things together even though you really can do them alone. Sometimes, being “pabebe” is still a go.

4. You are high maintenance!
They just don’t say it often but sometimes they feel like it’s no longer practical for them (or both of you) to treat you in a nice restaurant, give you expensive gifts, be extra manly in front of you because you expect too much from them. Sometimes they just want things to be laid back and easy. Watch movies at home with popcorn and beers is really a nice hangout for couple.

5. You are childish!
They don’t like it you’re too independent and it’s also a NO if you’re childish (of course). A lot of girls don’t notice this because most of them like it when guys treat them as their baby. But you know, some guys need a more mature girl in their lives. Someone who’ll not really control them but at least motivate them to do good things, encourage them, who’ll make a good example of a responsible individual and I think it’s gonna be hard for you to do this if you’re too childish. So, grow up a little.

6. You are predictable!
Guys like challenges! Yes. So don’t be too predictable (but not so moody!). They like it when it’s always exciting to be with you. Encourage him to try new things with you but make sure he still enjoys it. You don’t really have to change yourself to be unpredictable. Just add a little more excitement to your personality. If you know he thinks that you like this restaurant, show him that it’s actually okay to try other food/places. Don’t be too boring.

7. You are selfish!
You are pretty but you think only of yourself. You are the center of everything, the apple of his eyes, the priority and demand all of his attention. He likes not only a pretty girl but a girl who values him and treats him as a partner and not someone who always has to pamper her, wait for her, treat her like a princess, etc. It’s not always about you.

8. You don’t trust him!
You doubt too much. Some guys like it when you give them time alone or time with their friends. It’s hard to stay in a relationship or even enter in a relationship where you always have to prove yourself every single time. It’s cliche. But is very important. Make him feel that you still care and you will be happy if he’s going to at least tell you if he hangs out with friend but don’t nag at him if he doesn’t. Talk to him nicely and don’t make him feel like he’s done a very bad decision of going out with his friends.

9. You put too much make up!
You’re beautiful so you don’t have to put too much make up. Believe me. Guys like it if you look more natural. No efforts. It’s also a hassle if you will always have to retouch whenever you’re together, don’t you think so? So if you want to put some make up, choose the no-make-up make up look. For lipstick, choose the MLBB look and you’re good. Fresh and effortless.

10. You are too beautiful!
Maybe you really are too beautiful and it affects your partner’s self-esteem or you think you are too beautiful for him. Either way, just be humble. Don’t wait for him to look for someone below your standards but has a good heart.

So, basically it’s not all about the looks, you know. Yes, you’re pretty, sexy and attractive but it should be a combination of many other things. Personality, attitude, conscience, and a lot more. There are still guys out there who don’t just base it on how beautiful you are. It’s still the whole package that matters. And if you think you’re not beautiful, it’s just in your eyes. You are pretty in your own way.

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