A Must Have Korean Cushion

I really don’t want to spend a lot of money in cosmetics and make up. As much as possible, I want to choose those that are budget-wise but comparable to those that are proven really good. And of course it’s really hard to look for one that is both great and cheap. You have to try a number of products or you can read blogs, ask someone and then decide on what you think will best suit your skin. Finally, I found my own holy grail when it comes to cushion. I have a not-so fair skin and I even considered myself as morena but I have a neutral undertone (I just based it online). I also have a dry skin. So yeah, girls, let me introduce you, the ELUJAI CUSHION.

I found this cushion online and ordered it through Facebook. It’s only 295php. Would you believe? But it really looks better on me than any other cushion I have tried so far. I have tried the one from the face shop, innisfree, etc but this is I think the best when it comes to both price and quality but just to remind you that it always depends on your skin type. If you have a skin type just like me, it may look good on you as well. I also know some girls with fair and dark complexions who say that they liked this cushion, as well. This was even featured in O Shopping! I wasn’t able to watch it, though but I heard it from a good source. 😉  


The one I got is in shade #23 because I think #22 (a lighter shade) does not really suit me. There were only two shades available when I purchased it. I haven’t tried #22 yet  but I want the cushion to look like as natural as possible when applied to my skin so I made sure that the color is just like my skin color. So, there as you can see, its box is very simple but elegant because of its gold and black combination. It claims to be brightening and gives your skin a glow in which I think became true to their words.


So it’s brown, yeah. It looks good, right? I actually have a thing for light-colored ‘things’ because they are cool to the eyes and they’re just nice to see in light colors. But this brown is still okay for me, I guess as long as there’s just few writings on the top. I’m particular to writings, labels, etc. I don’t like too much of them. I don’t know why, either. LOL.  And speaking of the writings, it easily fades even if you don’t do anything to remove it. But I think it’s just fine.  It’s handy because it’s round and thick so it’s really easy to hold unlike other cushions with very thin holders which can easily slip from your hand. 


So this is how it looks like from the inside. The mirror is okay, just like any other cushion or compact powder with mirror. The sponge is white on top and navy blue at the bottom which makes it easier for one to see if you’ve put too much of it before applying it to your face. And it is also soft and easy to use when applying and blending the liquid make up.

If  you can see it’s a bit yellowish, brownish and goldish? But I think it just suits my complexion when it is applied to my face. Some of the cushion changes its color when already applied and it can be totally different from what you’re expecting but this one just meets my expectation and it’s like my normal skin. The brown part of the holder is plastic which I think can easily be broken if  (and only if) it falls from your grip. It hasn’t happened to mine, though. 


For me it’s easy to blend so even though you put too much on a certain part of your face, you can easily blend it to the shade you want to achieve. It doesn’t dry easily as well so you don’t need to hurry when applying it. It dries just in time.  Below picture is taken before applying the cushion.

I can say that the coverage of this cushion is just so so but really good for skin type like mine. If you think you need a thick and full coverage to conceal the acne and redness in your face, I would not recommend this. Though it still can cover some dark spots and blemish, I don’t think it will for some major skin problems such as acne and deep and dark pimple marks. 

So if you can see, my sister doesn’t really need a lot to conceal, just some dry skin and eye bags and I think she just needed a few coverage. My sister and I have the the exact same skin tone and skin color so I asked her to model for me. 🙂

Here you can see the difference. We have not yet applied the cushion to her left face so you’ll see her real skin color which is a bit dull for me I guess. The cushion has brightened her face giving her a natural look (on the right side). It’s not very caky and I think it looks just normal especially in person. It also covers the circles in her eyes but not making it look like she put a lot of product on that side. 

This is how it looks like after applying it in both sides of her face in low light. I also put just a little blush to really see the look when applied with other make up products. I didn’t put anything on her neck but it didn’t come off like her face’s color is different from the neck’s. It just blended with the real color of her skin.  

I also took a photo of her with camera flash. It really brightened up her complexion, giving her fresh, natural look. I also noticed upon using it that it lasts for almost 8 hours if you stay in an air conditioned room. But of course if you’re outside and sweat a lot. You might need to retouch every after 3-4 hours but that still depends on you. For me, since this is my everyday cushion, I apply it once or twice a day. First is before going to work and second is if I have to go somewhere before work hours. I didn’t really need to retouch a lot when I use this because it stays on my face when at work.  I’ve been using this for 5 months now and I am still happy with it. 

One thing I don’t like about this is when I put it on my not-ready face. Not ready because sometime I’m on a hurry so I can’t do all the daily routines I usually do. If I skip the cream and/or essence, I realized that this does not give me the look that I want. It gives me patches and the dry skin is very evident in some parts of my face so you need to set your face first by cleaning/washing it, putting toner and essence then cream and/or sunblock and that’s it. You can now apply this cushion. Sometimes, it also depends on the skincare routine that you use. So make sure you’re using the right ones for your skin so it can create a good foundation before you even apply the cushion or any other make up products.


I’ll keep on buying  this until I found another one to top it. But I’m not looking for another cushion right now so I might get stuck with this. LOL. But if you think you can recommend one to me, please do so. I want to try others, too. Tell me something about your cushion or about the make up you’re using! Or if you want me to review some products, just let me know. I’ll try my best to look for it and make a review about it. Thanks for reading~



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