Why you will love Puka Beach in Boracay

You know Boracay is crowded especially in peak season. When me and my husband went there to celebrate our wedding anniversary we looked for a place with a fewer people and so we found Puka Beach.

It’s a little far away from the White Beach but one trike away from our hotel. We only paid 30php. I actually thought it would cost us more than a hundred pesos but they already have set and implemented a standard fare range there so you should not be paying more than that. Always ask the residents before going from one place to another when you go there because some of them charge higher than usual. We chose the hotel far from the crowded place for the first 3 days of our stay and then we just moved to a different hotel during the last day to buy pasalubong and to be with the crowd once again. 

It’s very natural.

At the entrance of Puka Beach, you’ll see that man-made arc. I’m not sure if they still have it there until now, but you see it’s really nice since it’s made up of woods, stones, twigs and other things you can see there. It’s effortless yet so beautiful. They don’t have too much of luxury there. No big restaurants, no hotels, no jetskis, etc. The restaurants are made up of wood, the tables, chairs, sheds where people can stay are all made up of wood which makes it very natural and fresh so see. You’ll feel like you really are in an island where there is no access to luxury. I love it.

The white sand is brightly shining.



Puka beach got its name from “shells”. That’s why you’ll see a lot of shells here so the most part of it does not have the purest sand but they are all white. It’s really refreshing to see its white sand like it’s shining and shimmering. The sand here is whiter than that of the White Beach, I think. It’s also more pure (the sand part) and it’s just more beautiful, maybe because the place is not yet that crowded. Only few people go here during that time but it’s getting popular to other people so I guess there are more people going there now. We went there before lunch and we stayed for maybe 3-4 hours. The picture above was taken at around 1pm. 

The color of the water is blue-green.


I really love the color of the water here. It’s very instagrammable. It’s beautiful and very clean. And yes, it’s blue green just like what we see in pictures online. The water also is really cold even though the weather that time was very hot and humid. As you can see, I could take pictures with less people or with no other people blocking the view. It’s still possible when we got here. I’m not sure now. There were foreigners at that time. I think there were more foreigners that Filipinos who’re visiting this place when we’re there. I just saw Puka beach on TV and I think it’s really getting famous nowadays. Also, I heard that some establishments are being built around the area. I hope it won’t affect its beauty or especially ruin it.

It’s not very crowded. 


I think I have said it many times already but I really appreciate the fact that it’s not so crowded here compared to the white beach where you can’t really find enough space to swim especially if it’s peak season. We enjoyed the short stay and were able to get a sight of the whole beach. We’re able to walk along the seashore. Cottages were free as long as you’d buy something from them. It’s a bit expensive, though. When we stayed there, we bought a glass of mango shake and it costs us 300php. But the stay in the bench is unlimited for the two of us. It was really hot then so we still enjoyed the mango shake while looking at the horizon. It was a really nice view and I was so in love. 

It is a quiet place.

Unlike in White Beach where you can hear loud music everywhere and people talking and chatting, offering you something, some services, etc, here you can only hear the sound of the waves and the whisper of the sea breeze.  So I can really say that it’s really agood place to stay if you want to stay away from the busy white beach but still want to witness these beautiful creations. It was a short stay but it’s also worth going back again. I’m not sure if you can stay here overnight since there were no place to sleep aside from the benches. Maybe there are people who do but I don’t know anything about how they spend the night or do they have to pay for something or what. There are people who live nearby who, I think take care of the area so I’m not sure if they ask money from other people to ensure the safety and security of the customers who stay there. 

I would love to come back here. I hope the new establishments being built around the area won’t ruin the purity and beauty of this place. Have you been here? What’s the new things you found? Share it to me and to others to help them when they visit the place. Thanks for reading ~


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