No Goodbye


I wanted to dance you that night

I longed to hold your body so tight

Under the bright stars and the moonlight

I couldn’t get you out of my sight


That same night I saw you walking on the shore

You were smiling, I want to see it more

So I let you and all I can do is adore

And wish to the gods to make it me you’re longing for


But that same night you walked towards me

Your chinky eyes and smile made me so happy

You asked me if I could help you for free

To look for my friend, your husband to be


I wanted to live in this dream

When you are beside me and the light is dim

Walking on the shore just like in the film

Hold your hands and pretend I am him


But then we finally found the guy

My friend, your lover, the one that makes you high

Your love for him, oh it reaches the sky

I smiled, laughed and cried, I’m sorry I could not lie


You hugged him in front of me

He kissed your lips so deeply

I walked away and went straight to the sea

I wanted my drown myself, swim away, just flee


It was your wedding bells, I could hear

My body was shaking, I could not bear

When you said, “I do”, my heart died and fell

It was the end, now I could tell


The sea was blue and so is the sky

But I closed my eyes, God knows why

The blue sky turned black and wanted to cry

I’ll wait for you in the heaven where there is no goodbye

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