Letter From The Author


It’s me, Joana Crislyn. Thank you for taking time to visit my blog (and my shop if you did). I am a mother of 2 amazing children who I also always talk about in this blog. I like sharing my experiences as a mother with the hope that people can also relate with my life stories, challenges and victories. 

Fun fact about me: I work with my husband in the same company and in the same department! I also talked about it in one of my blogs. But beside our full time jobs, we also like doing hand crafts at home and because we have so much of it already at home, now we’d like to turn it into a small business. So I also uploaded some of the crafts we are selling here! I hope you check it out. 

Thanks again for dropping by. Hey, send me a message or an email or let’s follow each other in social media to stay connected! I know we are all struggling lately due to this pandemic so let’s take every opportunity to make friends and spread love!




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